TE Markets Launches Its Cryptocurrency and Africa’s First Consolidated Exchange Platform

TE Markets, an investment firm, has developed the first digital exchange allowing African local producers to sell their products, set a competitive price, and earn direct benefits for their efforts.

The platform is called African Consolidated Exchange, and it’s for actors in the financial markets and Africa’s digital finance ecosystem, according to the company (ACEX).

ACEX would act as a digitalized general store for all forex dealers, crypto traders, stakeholders, and investors in the financial industry on the African continent and beyond, according to the company.

According to the corporation, ACEX will be a pan-African and multi-asset trading platform that will allow consumers to buy and sell equities, ETFs, Bonds, Forex CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities, among other things.

“ACEX will be a lively exchange with Liquidity Providers, Merchants, Traders, and Investors alike, as a market that never sleeps.”

“On the African continent, there is no one exchange where natural minerals and agricultural products native to the continent are traded.”

“ACEX will be the first exchange where African native producers may advertise their goods, set a competitive price, and receive direct compensation for their efforts.” TE Markets stated that “African items like cobalt, cocoa, and lumber will be synthetically indexed and supplied as quotes for traders to take advantage of.”

While recognizing that processes throughout the world have been digitized, TE Markets believes Africa, with its vast territory, vibrant young population, and enormous economic potential, must enter the fray.

It went on to say that ACEX would bridge the digital divide between what is and what should be in the financial markets, particularly on the African continent.


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Hassan Barakat
Hassan Barakat
Barakat Temitope Hassan is a competent and dedicated Radiographer who is also interested in Tech, Writing and Medical Research.

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