Invictus Capital Unveils First NFT Collection

Invictus Capital through the Invictus NFT Lab, has released its first non-fungible token collection, named “Out of Africa.” Invictus Capital will use blockchain technology to display fine art and link African artists with the rest of the world through this collection.

Invictus and NFT Collection

According to the It Online report, the distribution of NFT posters is anticipated to commence in January as part of this effort. An auction for NFT representations of the original, physical artworks will take place in February.

Stakeholders in the art world have praised Invictus Capital’s move to release the NFTs. Marelize van Zyl, the curator of the Out of Africa NFT collection, praised Invictus Capital’s efforts, saying, “The Out of Africa Collection is made up of 100 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and is the first time many of the artists have worked in the NFT arena.” This collection is a victory for these artists, as it features some of the best new, emerging, and established talent available.

NFTs allow artists direct access to “a genuinely global audience and a royalty-driven business model made feasible by blockchain,” according to another stakeholder, Charl Bezuidenhout of Worldart.

Invictus Capital CEO Daniel Schwartzkopff said an NFT collection like the one his business revealed, “would go a long way toward introducing NFTs into mainstream investing portfolios.” Traditional art collectors, current NFT collectors, and everyone in between will enjoy the collection, according to Schwartzkopff.

Prospective investors who wish to be a part of this project can receive information on collaborating artists and artworks via a subscription newsletter, according to the report.


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