Aladdin Rebrands to Become Africa’s First Super app Serving the SMB Economy

Aladdin is a fintech startup providing ecosystem banking to over 40,000 users today announced it is changing its brand identity.
Aladdin stands as Africa’s top ecosystem bank that supports SMEs, individuals, and freelancers with the financial, commercial, and social aid they need to thrive.

The Rebranding of Aladdin

For the past few months now, the rebuilding of the Aladdin application has been ongoing. The company is looking to offer a new banking experience in line with its evolved vision and customers feedback.
Going by a report from the fintech company, the changes are to present the company’s evolving vision better to users. The vision is to become the first super app in Africa serving SMEs and freelancers.
Part of the rebrand includes a release of a brand new design and logo that incorporates its core values of transparency, innovation, and resilience.
The previously existing brand colors “purple and orange” are still retained for all the company’s branding and marketing purposes.
In a couple of days, users are to expect the rollout of the rebuilt and rebranded Aladdin app will take effect.
The application will have new features such as a marketplace, an in-app social network, an escrow payment option, and lots more to serve its users.
The Co-founder and CEO of Aladdin, Darlington Onyeagoro said;
“Our vision is to empower millions of SMB owners & freelancers with necessary commercial, financial, and social tools to thrive beginning in Africa”
In addition, he said
“After Africa, the company looks to expand to other developing countries across the globe”.
On Aladdin, users will be able to save, borrow, invest, make payments, get insured, get cards, buy and sell products & services and also mingle with other users.




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Abidemi Ogunyemi-Aderibigbe
Abidemi Ogunyemi-Aderibigbe
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