JSworld Conference Africa – Diversity Focus

JSworld Conference Africa Event is organised by JSWORLD Conference – Frontend Love.


Tue, Feb 8, 2022, 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM (WAT)

About The Conference

The event will pave the way for a more diverse JavaScript industry in the future. With 30 speakers from Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt, as well as 15,000 attendees, t his will be the first of a yearly African JavaScript Conference with the basic tenets on equality and opportunity.

It is a free online JavaScript conference that is in support of a more diverse and equal future, supported by companies prepared to invest.

You will be able to learn about JavaScript and Equal Career Opportunities if you attend the online event. This is a  conference organised by a group of committed businesses committed to a more egalitarian future. Bringing you African success stories on JavaScipt and career experience.

The Future of Javascript

JSworld conference Africa will take place online. With 30+ topics discussing the most important of 2022’s JavaScript. React.js, Vue, TypeScript, WebAssembly, Headless CMS, DevTools, Next.js, Jest, Svelte, and more!

  • Join 5,000 JavaScript enthusiasts for a full day of content to place you on an edge as a Frontend JavaScript Developer.
  • Learn & meet directly with JavaScript colleagues and speakers.

Our desire is to expand chances for a more diverse and equal tech workforce.

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Hassan Barakat
Hassan Barakat
Barakat Temitope Hassan is a competent and dedicated Radiographer who is also interested in Tech, Writing and Medical Research.

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