World Mobile Token Set to be Listed on Three Crypto Exchanges

World Mobile Token (WMT), a token that enables a global mobile network on a sharing economy is set to be on the list of 3 leading crypto exchanges.

The Crypto Exchange platforms for World Mobile Token

WMT will be on the list of one of the world-leading asset platforms that have the Cardano native support, Bitrue. Also, it will be on the list of the global digital asset trading platform, BitMart which provides real-time trading services.
Lastly, WMT will be on MEXC Global, an exchange platform known for high performance, matching technology, and mega transaction with a large customer base in the APAC region.
With these listings, holders of WMT have instant liquidity by buying the token during the token generation event. On the other hand, WMT will be trading all over jurisdictions across the globe.

World Mobile Token’s Mission

Like the World Mobile Network’s mission of acquiring sustainable connections to Africa with the World Mobile sharing economy.
According to Adam O’Neill, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, most traditional business models ignores the ability to improve the quality of life.
Meanwhile, these abilities of radical life improvement are one of the most interesting parts of Cryptocurrencies. He said;
“We see millions of unbanked people who live in developed nations that are now able to control their finances again with the use of cryptocurrency”
“we’re glad to be a part of and support a project like World Mobile Token who is making a verifiable difference to billions of unconnected persons around the world.”
The spokesman for WMT, Zachary Vann said it is exciting working with BitMart whose core values align with World Mobile’s vision. Their real-time trading services serve about 180 countries and over 9 million customers.
“BitMart is in support for World Mobile from the early stage and has been supportive of its goal and mission of connecting the unconnected”.
MEXC Global after being recently awarded at the 2021 Dubai Crypto Expo as the best exchange in Asia. Zachary said;
“We look forward to offering WMT to the MEXC global community making the token available to their 6 million users”
Working with MEXC Global to support WMT and seeing the passion shown towards the mission of World Mobile has been a pleasure, said Mr. Zachary Vann.

The Goal of WMT 

World Mobile Token is the utility token at the heart of the sharing economy. In other words, it will power the network and drive mass adoption of the sharing economy.
This will create explosive growth of the World Mobile Network.
Mr. Vann said;
“World Mobile Token is starting its exciting journey of being listed on many CEXs and DEXs, allowing people from across the globe the opportunity to get World Mobile Token via various means and live up to the name of World Mobile Token”
In conclusion, the listings will allow people from around the world to buy, sell, and trade WMT. The listings will become effective on Thur December 23 on Bitrue & MEXC and Friday, December 24 on BitMart.


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