The Hatchery, a clean-tech incubator in South Africa, has formed a $330k collaboration with a Norwegian investment group.

The Hatchery, an international clean-tech incubator that invests in technologies that increase productivity or profitability while reducing resource consumption or pollution, launched in Cape Town in November, with the goal of discovering and supporting cutting-edge entrepreneurs in areas such as smart utility metering, solar energy, and mobile financial platforms, according to Disrupt Africa.

The Hatchery will be able to expand its clean-tech infrastructure and support companies as they turn their ideas into viable businesses thanks to the cooperation with Valinor. Valinor is a Norwegian family-owned investment firm that makes early-stage investments in promising enterprises with the goal of leaving a lasting legacy.

The partners will pool their knowledge and resources to aid in the creation of infrastructure and technology that will incorporate sustainable frameworks to provide startups with dependable and inexpensive clean-tech resources.

“The world is facing code red in climate challenges, and we are trying to give a voice to this challenge with our recent collaboration with Valinor,” Jon Bøhmer, The Hatchery Global head said.

“Valinor is 100 percent committed to green investments and will indeed help the company fulfill its goal of supporting and developing startups.”

The alliance would help businesses get clean-tech investments faster by providing hands-on knowledge and milestone-based funding that will help founders focus on business growth and operations.


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