Paratus in Fibre Internet Deal for Namibia’s First Smart City, Ongos Valley

Ongos Connect, a firm working with Ongos Valley, Namibia’s first smart city development project, has chosen Paratus Namibia, a subsidiary of Pan-African telecommunications company, to offer fiber access to over 11,000 new residents in the new city.

If you’re curious, the fiber internet is the most recent advancement in the way data is transmitted throughout the world. It’s much quicker than cable and much faster than dial-up, and it can carry a lot of data over a single line, easily exceeding multiple terabytes of data transfer.

According to the IT News Africa website, the agreement marks the end of a two-year planning process in which Paratus worked on constructing the infrastructure needed to offer households fiber connectivity. Residents of the Ongos Valley will receive 1 GB of free data per month for the first five years of their residency as part of the arrangement.

Ongos Valley is a long-term investment in an urban and sustainably managed environment driven by green and solar energy, where technology and data inform the effective management of resources and assets. It is located in Namibia’s north-western corridor, not far from Windhoek.

Every home and business will have access to fiber connectivity. Services will be integrated so that they can be managed at the most efficient and cost-effective levels for everyone.

The Ongos Valley project’s first phase entails the construction of approximately 4,500 dwellings and accompanying infrastructure. Another 24,000 residences, 21 schools, parkways, greenways, and commercial centers will be built in the next phases.


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