ITWeb Cloud & Data Centre Summit 2022

The ITWeb Cloud & Data Centre Sumit 2022 will hold from February 23, 2022 till February 24, 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event will begin on February 23 with a roundtable segment and continue on the following day with two focused themes — Cloud and Data Centre. The summit is set to deepen attendees’ knowledge of the relationship between cloud and data centre.

The modernisation of cloud and data centre infrastructure is a necessary move organisations have to make to remain relevant in a global community that is rapidly facing digital transformation.

The ITWeb Cloud & Data Centre Summit 2022 will focus on critical topics, ranging from complexity of cloud, multi-cloud, private and hybrid cloud, data centre modernisation, Data ownership, amongst others.

The first track of Day 2, Cloud, will look into how organisations can operate, be secure as well as “highly” innovative in the multi-cloud. There will be industry experts such as top cloud solutions providers and end users; they will “examine how business agility has birthed the need for organisations to adopt numerous service providers to tap into technology and cost saving options”, amongst other subjects.

The second track of Day 2, Data Centre, will explore data centres in South Africa with a view to assessing the digital disruption since the outbreak of Covid-19 and its influence in remote working, virtual learning and the increase of e-commerce. There will be an assessment of the data centre models and services available to South African businesses and their roles in promoting innovation in South Africa’s digital economy.

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