G7CR Technologies Invests $1M in Start-ups via Technology Services

G7CR Technologies, one of the leading cloud service providers based in Bangalore has invested over $1M in different start-ups via technology services in the last quarter of the year.


G7CR Technologies company is an Expert Azure Managed Services Partner which aims to drive cloud transformation across India and MEA region. The tech company offers cloud hosting services and all of its support-related services.

The company received an award from  Microsoft for 2 consecutive years (2019 & 2020) as “The Country Partner”

The tech company has global recognition of technically capable of driving cloud services journey for most business in various industry such as Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Education, PSUs, I.T and Retail.

G7CR Technologies Investment in Startups

With the aim to improve the ecosystem of startups, G7CR technologies have made technical financing in over a hundred(100) Startups in India and the Middle East, and Africa.

The tech company birthed the ‘Startup 360’ initiative at a time when SMEs & SMBs, Startups were relying on cloud technology for their technical and business brim.

It has provided them with help on how to migrate to the cloud as well as modernize their application.

Under this initiative, the company plans to finance more startups like about 200 or more in the next 4-5 months, and also onboard more than a thousand startups in FY 2022.

The company also looks forward to investing in B2B SaaS product startups and extending sales operations of the startups to new regions like MEA with funds benefits ranging from USD5,000 to USD25,000.

G7CR technologies investment for the startups wants to focus on providing tactical support across main business areas like Capital, Building competency (in terms of technicality & leadership), Revenue & Technology to help their startup journey.

With this initiative, startups are now opting for transformative innovations and utilization of cloud services for a wider approach such as the provision of tactic support in sales enablement, Business empowerment, and Tech facilitation.

G7CR Technologies Commitment

Speaking on the occasion of the investment, the MD & Cheif Cloud Architect in the person of Dr. Christopher Richard, stated that

“Start-ups are taking advantage that cloud technology brings to their business and are alongside looking for a partner with advanced skills to migrate, optimize, and manage their existing workloads to the cloud which is where G7CR comes into the picture” 

He further said,

“G7CR have always been trying to disrupt offers giving to our customers & partners so as to make most of it rather than trying to fit the offer into one-size for all. The products and services offered by these start-ups we have invested in with technological services have impressed us”

And concluded by stating that,

“Growing a cloud technology-based platform and working closely with these start-ups have opened our eyes to various business challenges faced on a daily basis. With our expertise and market reach, we will help these start-ups which show to have the potential of becoming unicorns. We are glad and thrilled as they join the G7CR family”.

G7CR  will continue to invest in growing niche skillsets and earn the Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, a validation of a solution partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven skilled proficiency in migrating and modernizing web application production workloads as well as managing app services in Azure.




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