Accelerating Digital Transformation in Africa, Cassava Technologies and Mitsui signs MoU

Cassava Technologies has today made an announcement of entering into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mitsui & Co. Ltd (Mitsui) in accelerating digital transformation in Africa.

About Cassava Technologies and Mitsui

Cassava Technologies

The first Pan Africa integrated technology company that provides an ecosystem vertical combination of digital solutions.

However, it is mapped out to increase connectivity and steer digital  transformation all over the continent of Africa.

The company offers an enabling digital infrastructure with a cross-border fibre, renewable energy solutions and also state-of-the-art network of data centres.

Similarly, it provides complementary digital services of Wi-Fi, Cloud, cybersecurity and fintech solutions for millions to access.

This ecosystem is built to transform the lives of individuals and businesses across the African continent withaccess to social mobility and economic prosperity.

The portfolio of Cassava Technologies connected product brands include Sasai Fintech, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, and Liquid Cloud.

In addition, Africa Data Centres, Vaya Technologies, and Distributed Power Technologies are also not left out of the portfolio.

These solutions aid the drive of the Company’s vision of a digitally connected future that will leave no African behind.


Mitsui & Co.Ltd,  with about 130 offices in 63 countries and utilizing its global operating locations, network and information resources was established in 1947.

It is a multicultural track business with ranging product sales of worldwide logistics, financing and development of major international infrastructure.

In other words, Mitsui also participate in other projects of some sectors such as:

Mineral & Metal Resources, Energy, Iron & Steel Products, Infrastructure Projects, Mobility, Chemicals, and Food.

Wellness, Food & Retail Management,  IT & Communication Business, and Corporate Development Business sectors are also not left behind.

Shared Goal to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Africa

The 2 companies shares a common vision to facilitate digital transformation all over the Africa continent.

The partnership will bring together required technology, expertise, and networks of both organizations to move the vision.

Mitsui is globally experienced with developing, investing and operating businesses in the digital, infrastructure and energy sectors.

Hence, this partnership will further expand its business activities in Africa.

In other words, Mitsui will be supporting Cassava Technologies by providing access to Mitsui’s global network, and advanced technologies.

It will also be helpful in recognizing potential financial sources to support future growth and investment.

The parties will join forces in developing digital infrastructure across the Africa continent with an exact focus on data centres.

The President and CEO of Cassava Technologies, Hardy Pemhiwa, stated:

“Signing of the Mou will hasten our shared goals to foster digital transformation across the continent of African” 

He also said,

“This partnership with Mitsui will enable Cassava Technologies to access Mitsui’s deep global expertise in digital infrastructure development”

And concluded that,

“With the help of Mitsui’s global network and expertise and our knowledge of the Africa local market, we will work together to foster innovation and enlarge the access to digital services for businesses and consumers”.


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