Engage Launches Paystack Integration to Help Merchants Link Their Accounts

Engage, a marketing automation solution that helps businesses send personalised messages to customers has launched its Paystack integration. Paystack merchants can now connect their customer billing events to Engage and send personalised emails and SMS to their customers as a result of the integration.

Merchants can link Engage to their Paystack account in minutes and leverage their customers’ billing activities, such as successful charges, new subscriptions, and more, to generate distinct groupings (what we call segments) or send customised emails or SMS based on these actions. They can also automate payment receipts, subscription renewal reminders, and other messages.

“This is a huge issue,” says Engage founder Opeyemi Obembe. “It gives merchants a lot of value.” Customers can be up-sold new services or goods, inactive customers can be identified and re-engaged, top customers can be rewarded, and tailored messages can be sent. As a result, customer retention will improve, and income will rise.”

Engage was launched in February 2021, and leading firms from a variety of industries throughout the world already use it for customer messaging. Indie Campers, Reliance HMO, Kura, ExtraGas UK, Crop2Cash, and Monument are just a few of them.

“Definitely!” Opeyemi said when asked if there are any additional payment gateway integrations in the works. We have Stripe integration, Paystack integration, and a Flutterwave integration in the works. In a few weeks, this should be ready.”

The Paystack connection is already live on the Engage dashboard and is available to all users for free.


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Hassan Barakat
Hassan Barakat
Barakat Temitope Hassan is a competent and dedicated Radiographer who is also interested in Tech, Writing and Medical Research.

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