Danbatta Says The Media will Continue Being Strategic Partners With NCC

Mass media, either in print, broadcast, online or other genres will continue to remain central and important stakeholders to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in its faithfulness to delivering its regulatory mandates as written in the Nigerian Communication Act (NCA) 2003 and other policy measures.

Prof. Umar Danbatta, NCC’s Executive Vice Chairman and Chief executive Officer (EVC/CEO), disclosed this on Tuesday as he greeted a delegation from the top echelon of the Management of National Economy, a media organization, who paid the Commission a courtesy visit at its Abuja headquarters. Danbatta said NCC remains firmly dedicated to enhancing its already established connection with the media, speaking through the Commission’s Director of Public Affairs, Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde.
The fact that the commission, through its regulatory actions in the telecom ecosystem, maintains a crucial position in the official architecture erected to boost national economic development, is undeniable, according to Umar.

According to EVC, the Commission has done effectively in the eyes of stakeholders, and it acknowledges the importance of the media in its successes. He stated that the commission’s relationship with the press has been friendly over the years and that the commission will never take the press for granted or act in any way that might jeopardize the relationship.

Going through the memory lane of the importance of media support in the achievements of NCC, the EVC declared that the positive, prominent, accurate, timely, and adequate reporting of the Commission by a broad spectrum of the media agency, eased Commission’s burden in putting its activities in the public space and enabled its efforts to have the support of other important stakeholders onboard in the telecommunication sphere.

Danbatta thanked the media for its peak response in reporting the notable contributions of telecoms to GDP, especially the significance of the sector’s achievement in taking Nigeria out of recession.

Also, EVC recalled the noteworthy media reportage of the measures put in place for the deployment of 5G services in Nigeria, particularly the successful sale of the 3.5GHz spectrum rollout of the 5G services. He implored all newsmen and other telecom professionals to increase the Commission’s voice in the publicity and sensitization of the citizens and all stakeholders on the importance of the new generation network towards the economic development of the nation.

The NCC executive said that the Commission enthusiastically yearns for a big collaboration will all stakeholders in the line of telecommunication to ensure goal-oriented reporting of the unfolding national developments in the digital economy sector, due to the benefits that citizens, businesses, and the nation at large can derive from.

Danbatta thanked the Management of National Economy for the visit, commendations, and support to the Commission for a long time and also expressed the commitment of NCC to sustaining a favorable relationship with the media.

The delegation from the National Economy was chaired by Chief Mike Okpare, who was the Vice-Chairman. Other members of the delegation are Fadilah Ismail, Head of Advertisement; Kirk Leigh, Chief Operating Officer; Bayo Amodu, Head of Stories; and Cees Harmon, General Editor.


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