Binary Innovative Technology Solutions on a Course to Aid Growth, 4IR and Africa Business Strategies

Binary Innovative Technology Solutions (Binary), a supplier of end-to-end integrated solutions, has teamed up with Hitachi Vantara, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd, and Networks Unlimited to expand its ICT solutions and services, enterprise systems, and digital technology capabilities.

This has enabled the firm to make substantial progress toward its objective of continuing the collaboration and growth it has seen in recent months.

Binary CEO Salomi Ramlall says, “We deliver innovative, customized technology solutions to our clients across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, utilities, the media, manufacturing, retail, financial management, mining, and the public sector. Our key focus areas are agile bespoke development, human capital management and system integration to various existing platforms, as well as the supply of customizable off-the-shelf (COTS) systems.”

“Additionally, we are committed to creating jobs and growing the economy. To this end, we aim to support the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which represents a new era of innovation in technology – one that’s enhancing human-machine relationships by delivering solutions built on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic process automation, and smart analytics.”

“In this regard,” explains Gideon Coetzee, General Manager: Networking and Storage at Networks Unlimited, “the value-add for Binary Innovative Technology Solutions is partnering with Hitachi Vantara has been very clear.”

“Hitachi Vantara provides a portfolio of infrastructure, IoT and data analytics solutions that offers its customers superior data management, infrastructure, content and analytics products and industrial IoT solutions for a wide array of industries, including financial services and insurance, government, industrials and manufacturing, telecommunications and transportation.”

Ramlall continues, “Our particular challenges revolved around our ability to respond to certain quotation requests. This was eliminated when Hitachi Vantara introduced us to Networks Unlimited, late last year when we had engaged Hitachi Vantara to assist us with a telecommunications deal in Africa. We discovered that, like Binary, Networks Unlimited understands that the markets have changed, and the world has a ‘new normal. In support of this new normal, companies expect quick delivery times to support their revenue models.”

“Networks Unlimited and Binary are able to successfully implement solutions in a short time frame, thereby enabling organizations to meet their business objectives and maintain their competitive edge. Additionally, the Hitachi Vantara solutions are highly scalable and supported by their analytical suite of products, namely Pentaho business intelligence software, which provides solutions including data integration, reporting, information dashboards, and data mining and extract. The time to market response has been quicker and more efficient.”

Pentaho, a data integration and analytics platform from Hitachi Vantara, combines conventional capabilities with big data connections to power any analytics in any context. Pentaho has enabled early big data and IoT deployments, linking people, things, and data to accelerate digital transformations in organizations. Pentaho can be installed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration.

“Hitachi Vantara delivers solutions from the edge to the cloud, and Pentaho is part of that solution,” Coetzee continues. It offers a wide range of goods for engaging with consumers, allowing Binary to deliver even more services to its customers.”

Ramlall agrees, saying that Binary Innovative Technology Solutions has become more competitive as a result of the new Hitachi Vantara collaboration, which was brokered by Networks Unlimited. “Our collaborations with Networks Unlimited and Hitachi Vantara have expanded our product portfolio. We combine their technology with our software ecosystem to deliver world-class solutions.”

“We are extremely well connected with Networks Unlimited and value their culture of cooperation, openness, and trust, which are quite comparable to our own corporate culture. Throughout addition, we continue to discuss technologies that might allow 4IR in Africa, in accordance with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pledge and push since early 2019.”

In October 2020, a report describing South Africa’s strategy and planned reaction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution was gazetted, with advice on how the country may best position itself in the global environment. The presidential commission on 4IR, which was launched in April 2019, was led by President Cyril Ramaphosa personally.

The commission was tasked with advising the government on relevant policies, strategies, and action plans to position South Africa as a smart, connected, and competitive global player. It began its work the following month, in May 2019, and was tasked with advising the government on relevant policies, strategies, and action plans to position South Africa as a smart, connected, and competitive global player.

The 4IR study will serve as the foundation for a national conversation on how all sectors of society may contribute to a technologically enabled future that will increase economic and social inclusion while also improving the country’s competitiveness.

“Our aim is to establish a larger foothold within Africa in order to assist in the development and growth of our developing continent,” Ramlall continues. Binary’s collaborations with Hitachi Vantara and Networks Unlimited, in the long run, should position us as a leading innovative technology business, allowing us to serve both South Africa and the rest of Africa.”

“The world is undergoing a digital revolution, and we want to assist businesses and African nations in gaining a competitive advantage by following the Gartner Technology Quadrants. Our main focus will be on enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa and other underdeveloped nations, as well as breaking down the COVID-19 pandemic’s barriers.”


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