Vibra Begins VIBRAnt Stars Reward Programme

Vibra (styled VIBRA), a crypto trading app launched by African Blockchain Lab, has started a programme to reward “VIBRAnt Stars.” VIBRAnt Stars are volunteers from the Vibra community who will provide assistance to users with questions and other concerns.

Vibra claims that its mission is to empower Africans with their finances and as such it makes cryptocurrency easy enough for beginners to understand, invest and trade cryptocurrencies. Vibra wants to build a community of people who are interested in crypto and that will help Vibra move to the next level. Vibra has opened up an invitation and says that anyone can participate.

The belief is that having a “welcoming community” that is available to assist beginners or new users will facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, and Africa.

Vibra plans to reward the most active VIBRAnt Stars with a range of benefits. The benefits are financial and non-financial; VIBRAnt members will earn points upon completion of given tasks, which will be accumulated by the end of that month. A VIBRAnt star can also make up to 1,000 naira for every 2 people referred. The tasks include referring new users to download the Vibra app and join the Vibra community, as well as onboarding.

The VIBRAnt Stars programme is part of a larger Vibra partnership programme wherein Vibra seeks publishers, promoters, influencers, agents, and merchants.

African Blockchain Lab recently raised $6million in a Series Pre-A round to fund the launch of Vibra. Vibra is the first product from African Blockchain Lab, as part of its mission to “drive the mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain technologies in Africa,” as articulated by Vincent Li, the co-founder of African Blockchain Lab.


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Mena Adediran
Mena Adediran
Mena Adediran is a student of Mass Communication, a writer and self-proclaimed waterbender. She loves poetry, art, music; and is keen on telling stories for a living.

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