Uber Announces New Offerings to Help SA Drivers

Uber has announced the launch of Uber Black by the Hour and Reserve in South Africa.

These new services, according to the ride-hailing behemoth, would complement on-demand, point-to-point rides by providing greater convenience.

Uber Hourly and Uber Reserve

The Uber Reserve function is divided into two categories: Premium Reserve, which provides access to Uber Black vehicles with a 15-minute arrival time and a 15-minute wait period.

The second category, Economy Reserve, provides access to lower-cost vehicles on Uber Comfort, UberX, and Uber Go, as well as a 5-minute early arrival and 5-minute wait time. Riders also have the option of receiving a trip 30 days ahead of time.

“The opportunities provided by the new Uber Hourly, Black by the Hour; and Reserve products give riders the freedom to use and plan their time as they wish whether they are running multiple errands or attending business meetings, appointments as well as sightseeing and shopping,” explains Kagiso Khaole, Head of Mobility Operations at Uber Sub-Saharan Africa.

These new options, according to Uber SA, will allow drivers earn more money in addition to the trip chances for which they are now qualified. Riders will no longer have to navigate to several locations with multiple ride requests thanks to expert drivers.

In March, e-hailing drivers across South Africa began a series of strikes, claiming that they are struggling to make ends meet as a result of rising gasoline prices, their safety in the business, and increased rivalry. According to reports, the drivers also want to get rid of promotions and discounts on the various applications because it reduces their commissions.

“We will continue to leverage our technology to stay on the cutting edge of innovation to allow us to quickly adapt and meet the changing needs of drivers and riders,” concludes Khaole.

Uber Reserve is available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town. Uber Hourly, Black by the Hour, is available in Cape Town only.


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