ThankUcash and Interswitch Are Launching a Reward and Loyalty Platform

Interswitch Group, Africa’s premier technology-driven firm focused on payments digitization, has announced the launch of Interswitch rewards in collaboration with ThankUCash, Nigeria’s first and largest rewards, and discounts platform.

Interswitch will be able to keep its promise to empower businesses of all sizes by improving the relationship between merchants and customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.

Furthermore, the agreement has the ability to integrate ThankUCash Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) into other Interswitch solutions, such as cards and loyalty, POS terminals, and card loyalty processing.

Following the launch, merchants on Quickteller Business will be able to build up loyalty points for their clients, who will be able to redeem their points for items ranging from groceries to fuel, among other things.

Simeon Ononobi, co-founder and CEO of Connected Analytics Inc., which owns the ThankUCash brand, commented on the cooperation, saying, “Our goal as a company is to develop relationships that will stimulate growth for businesses and customers alike.”

ThankUCash was created out of a desire to assist merchants in reaching as many customers as possible, allowing customers to get the most out of their buying experience.

He went on to say that partnering with Interswitch is a dream come true for most entrepreneurs. “We’re thrilled to be working with Interswitch, and we’re looking forward to providing the greatest solutions for her consumers and merchants.” Merchants and customers stand to gain the most from a relationship like this.”

“Imagine a network where a customer buys a product from an airline online, earns cash back on the transaction, and then uses the points obtained to view a movie,” he said.

He noted that the reward system is the first of its kind and a true loyalty infrastructure that will help businesses thrive and people get enthusiastic to spend money on things they need.

“This relationship with ThankUCash is aligned with our business and merchant empowerment objective,” Muyiwa Asagba, managing director, digital commerce and merchant acquiring Paymate at Interswitch Group, stated.

“We will continue to use our experience to create creative solutions that assist businesses in growing, keeping in mind the critical role that SMEs play in boosting socioeconomic progress across the country.”

ThankUCash is on a mission to build additional partnerships, according to Madonna Ononobi, the company’s co-founder and chief operations officer, as it strives to expand its reach by delivering cutting-edge consumer purchasing capabilities to aid businesses and merchants alike.

“By the end of 2023, we will have connected 10,000 enterprises to over 10 million clients across Africa.”


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Abdulquadri Ayilara
Abdulquadri Ayilara
Abdulquadri is an intern at Tech with Africa (TWA) in Nigeria when he isn't coordinating building site operations. He covers innovative technology in Africa, construction, and agriculture in his writing.

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