Tek Experts Powers Tech Support in Nigeria with Over 1800 Employees

Tek Experts, a leading global provider of technical support services has powered tech support in Nigeria with over 1800 Employees.

The company has reached a milestone of over 1,800 employees in Nigeria, making it the company’s largest market worldwide. This achievement was highlighted during a media visit to the company as part of an endeavor to express the core of the industry’s relatively new tech support specialty.

Tech Experts is a company that turns cases into experiences for deeper customer connection to drive loyalty, renewals, and growth.

Tek Experts Powers Tech Support in Nigeria with Over 1800 Employees
Tek Experts Powers Tech Support in Nigeria with Over 1800 Employees

Lars Johannisson, the Managing Director for Africa, Tek Experts, and Elev8, spoke about the achievement, saying that having Nigeria as the company’s largest market of operations globally demonstrates the company’s commitment to developing the tech support sector in Nigeria and Africa, as well as nurturing talent in the country through its sister company, Elev8.

“We appreciate the importance of tech support in driving our customers’ brand and overall customer experience,” he says. “We’re in a unique position to help companies make the most of their existing customer support efforts by driving product adoption, increasing renewal rates, and ultimately increasing top-line revenue growth.

We invest heavily in digital skills and employee development, growing a skilled workforce for the ICT industry. Many of the services we offer to our customers require technical expertise. We offer both a place to build IT skills and a place to leverage those skills with work possibilities supporting some of the most cutting-edge technology for some of the world’s most well-known firms at Tek Experts.”

“We want to be acknowledged as the employer of choice in every market in which we operate. We want the investments we make in our workers’ professional development to provide them with opportunities for advancement and allow them to establish a career they are proud of at a company that they feel fully supported by,” Lars said.

Over the past two years, Tek Experts has worked with Microsoft to provide technology skills training and on-the-job apprenticeship for real-time engineering projects and deliverables to Nigerian youngsters.

Ten female Software Engineers were the inaugural batch of trainees, who began and completed their program in September 2019. In 2020, another set of 10 Nigerian women benefited from the partnership between the two tech companies.


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