Opibus an Energy Coy Launches First Electric Bus, Targets African Market

 Opibus is a Swedish-Kenyan energy company that recently introduced its first electric bus with the African market in focus. This is the first African-designed and manufactured electric bus in Kenya.

Opibus is aiming at bringing clean energy to the public transportation sector in the African continent.

The emergence of the Opibus electric bus and its benefits.

According to a report by VOA, Opibus which happens to be Kenya’s first company to make electric motorcycles plans to launch the bus commercially in a few months. It will be bringing it across the African markets by 2023.

Benjamin Maina, one of the drivers of the newly invented bus describes the feeling of having to drive such an invention as amazing.

However, considering how other vehicles jostle for space amidst the belching cloud of smoke in the streets, this is a great invention.

Benjamin describes how beneficial it is to everyone and Africans at large stating that

  • Firstly, the electric bus is a different experience when you compare to fossil fuel vehicles
  • Secondly, it is quite silent and sleek considering the vibration and noise from fossil fuel vehicles
  • Thirdly, the bus will bring about a reduction in noise pollution as well air pollution

Across the African continent including Kenya, public transport is mostly run informally. In other words, the enforcement of emission standards is rare making vehicles very pollutive.

Jane Akumu, a Sustainable Mobility expert at the UN Environment Program explains how heavy-duty vehicles which are buses are big contributors to pollution. 

He said ” looking at our cities, heavy-duty vehicles which are buses and trucks  are the bulk producers of pollution”

To clarify, these vehicles are also an opportunity because how could we switch to cleaner modes without them. We need mass transport to be sustainable to make cities more sustainable.

In conclusion, experts say Africa’s electric car market is a great investment opportunity and will enhance the creation of new jobs.




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