Next Decentrum Victory Square Portfolio Company Launches Crypto Pharaohs An Iconic NFT Collection

Next Decentrum, a Victory Square Portfolio Company, has launched Crypto Pharaohs, an iconic NFT collection.

Victory Square Portfolio company is a company that provides access to a diverse portfolio of technology companies in main factors for the next generation of investors. The key sectors include Web3, Gaming, NFTs, Creator Economy, and the Metaverse. Victory Square is glad to announce that portfolio company, Next Decentrum has launched Crypto Pharaohs which is an iconic collection of digital collectibles (NFTs), Crypto Pharaohs was inspired by the culture and heritage of ancient Egypt.

Crypto Pharaohs was created out of love for the Egyptian culture and the fascination of its ancient civilization. It is a limited NFT collection of 7006 cryptographically distinct and majestic collectibles, robotically brought to life and blessed with power and magic.

Hussein Hallak, Founder and CEO of Next Decentrum has said, “We are thrilled to launch an NFT collection that brings together great storytelling and stunning visuals to pay tribute to the most remarkable and awe-inspiring civilization to ever exist”. Hallak said, “Crypto Pharaohs is part of our digital content strategy to extend the utility and experience of our NFT platform to a wider audience”.

The collectibles were developed with the assistance of the leadership team at DAF, a leading digital solutions fintech company revolutionizing the Egyptian healthcare sector. The teams on the sides of both companies are planning and working on many projects drawing inspiration from the rich Egyptian art and culture scene.

“We are delighted to work with the team at Next decentrum who have a great passion for art and culture. With the global popularity of NFTs, this project is a brilliant first step to bring Egyptian art and culture to the Metaverse”, Hatem Kandeel, CEO and Founder of DAF said.

Crypto Pharaohs will be launched in a series of NFT drops with unique experiences and rewards. Collectors from everywhere in the world will be able to claim Crypto Pharaohs with the Momentable platform. An appropriate NFT platform developed by Next Decentrum on the Flow blockchain.

Lead Product Designer at Next Decentrum, Anne Morgan said, “As an avid gamer and Egyptology buff, this collection was an absolute pleasure to work on. Our aspirations are for this collection to become a game where collectors actions have an impact on the big challenges we face in the real world”.

A group of collectors will help shape the project guideline and base it on the growth and milestones achieved, Next Decentrum plans on developing Crypto Pharaohs into a journey that unfolds as a P2E (Play to Earn) game, whereby collectors fight the forces of evil in the real world.

Play-to-earn games use NFTs to distinctly identify characters and items in the game. Players earn characters, participate in the games, and sell characters and items to other players so they can generate income.

Next decentrum’s strategic progress in the NFT and P2E markets comes as a result of working with the team closely and accelerating their go-to-market plans at Victory Square. This is a piece of good news for Victory Square who is an early investor and owns 18.32% of Next Decentrum.


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