Leveraging Blockchain to Solve Digital Divide in Africa – 3air

3air, a blockchain platform is looking at leveraging blockchain to Solve the digital divide in Africa. The blockchain platform with its personal Cardano-based token(ADA) looks to achieve this by partnering with K3 Telecom.

Brief Insight

3air is a token built on a Cardano Blockchain. It has a restricted supply with integrated mechanisms that allow for token buybacks and burning. 

K3 Telecom is a swiss wideband supplier that specializes in infrastructure to unravel difficulties with unprecedented know-how that may send optics grade wideband web, digital TV, and IP telephony across the air. 

Solving the Digital Divide

A lot of African cities are dynamic, vibrant, and filled with people using mobile phones yet there is almost no real internet broadband in Africa.

The UN sustainable growth target which aims to offer common entry to the web continues to extend in significance permitting many to enter into life-enhancing online companies.

 Also, sectors such as healthcare, education, and different expertise will have to help cut down on poverty. It also aims to guarantee financial development as well as foster inclusion in the worldwide market.

With great and innovative minds in Africa, a lot of them think that knowing how to will assist learning and communication with other parts of the world. Part of the motive for this divide can be seen in the number of development lots of Africans have come across in other continents.

This development makes it worrisome if the cables for the high-quality web are attainable to connect Africa to the world as a whole. 

Due to the flexibility to execute this, The World Bank has estimated the prolong of its possibility to about over 10 years along with a funding of $100 billion to ensure Africa’s entry to the broadband web.

Above all, the innovators of 3air believe that it can actualize this in less than 50% of the time and funding estimated by the World Bank.

The Process of Solving

The coming together of 3air & K3 Telecom aims to create a flexible platform that is enough to attach 10 million people and onboard them on a 3air blockchain platform to cater to the wants of creating nations and telecoms.

“There is nothing alike to what 3air has to supply. We now have a working resolution that may join the unconnected in Africa and produce tens of millions of customers to the 3air platform. This can allow a nation keen for change to leap over a complete technology of know-how” pointed CEO of 3air, Sandi Bitenc.

As it stands, 3air is putting itself to provide easy access to digital companies, sustainable bandwidth sharing, bankless funds, hardware possession, and digital ID administration to solve digital divide. 

Its main aim is to first, convey web restricted folks on the line, then onboard them on the blockchain platform that uses the 3air token.

The blockchain platform will provide users with digital I.D that’s based on Cardano’s Atala Prism resolution to affirm a user’s identity ensuring privacy and safety.

Furthermore, once recognized, the user will be able to open online bank accounts, apply for microloans, and conduct enterprise. Also, users will also be able to take part in online schooling, working, health care services, and lots more.

In short, this move will or show a tremendous leap ahead of improving the native economy for the inhabitants of unconnected rural areas.


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