Lagos Talented Teachers ICT Workshop Jan. 2022

The Lagos Talented Teachers ICT Workshop is held on Monday, January 10, 2022 till Tuesday, January 11, 2022; in Yaba, Lagos. The event is organised by Ibrosoft International Development Foundation and aims to train teachers in ICT courses to empower them with digital skills. The goal of the workshop is to elevate teachers to become “confident, professional, and effective” ICT users in class. 

Digital methods of gathering and processing information as well as learning are evolving and it is necessary that teachers are up-to-speed with such technologies. This is essential to enable teachers to pass on these skills and knowledge to their students, thereby fostering a digitally-aware generation.

Day 1 of this workshop will cover topics from introduction to ICT, application of ICT in education, ways ICT affects teaching and learning, accessing educational resources on the internet, amongst others.

Day 2 will further expand the training course to explore ICT tools for storing and disseminating information, cloud computing, practical class on creating animated slideshows, connecting with international professors, amongst others.

Ibrosoft International Development Foundation organises regular ICT conferences in a bid to enhance quality education in Nigeria and promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They train teachers and school administrators on methods to employ to transform how they provide education. The organisation began hosting these workshops in 2018 and have had about 118 schools in participation as well as effectively train over a thousand teachers in different regions of Nigeria.

The workshop is free to attend, however, there are limited slots so click here to register in time!


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Mena Adediran
Mena Adediran
Mena Adediran is a student of Mass Communication, a writer and self-proclaimed waterbender. She loves poetry, art, music; and is keen on telling stories for a living.

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