Google for Startups Accelerator – Middle East and North Africa

Google for Startups Accelerator Middle East and North Africa is a 3-month program designed for startups across the region. It is for those who are using technology in innovative ways to solve scalable needs in the market.
Successful startups will receive mentorship and support from the best of Google and our global mentor network. The support will be in AI/ML, UX, Cloud, Android & Google Play, Product Strategy, Web, and Marketing.

About the Program

Application Deadline: 14th of May, 2022.
Location: Dubai- Virtual
A global series of accelerator programs:
 Each accelerator features a cohort of about 10-15 top startups coming together to tackle specific technical challenges that can aid the growth of their businesses.
 This will be through a mix of remote and in-person, 1-to-1, group learning sessions, and sprint projects.
Tailored expert help:
 Founders will be outlining top technical challenges for their startup, and are later paired with relevant experts from both Google and the industry. Hence, this will help to solve those challenges and at the same time grow their business.
Specialist Deep Dives:
 Also to mentorship and technical project support, Google for Startups accelerators includes deep dives and workshops focusing on product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for startup founders.

Eligibility for the Startups Accelerator program

There are specific requirements for each of the programs but, generally successful teams fit in the listed profile.
  • Ability to show traction between Seed and Series A stage
  • Posses deep technicalities focusing on technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.
  • Building a product/service that is scalable with a total addressable market that stands out and has a defensible growth model.

Benefits of the Startups Accelerator program

Equity-free support: A 3-month of equity-free support
Training: Getting training on design, marketing, and leadership
Early access: Early access to new Google products and tools
Technical project partnership: Access to partnership on an advanced technology project
Access to experts: Free access to Google’s network of industry experts
Mentoring: Personalized mentorship and technical support from Google experts and 20+ Google teams
Strategic support: Support on company and product strategy
Product credits: Google product credits for your tech stack
To get started, visit the Official Website Here


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