Exclusive Networks And Networks Unlimited Partners to Eye Sub-Saharan Africa Expansion

Exclusive Networks, a global trusted cybersecurity expert for digital infrastructure, has signed an exclusive agreement with Networks Unlimited to begin talks about a possible purchase.

Networks Unlimited is a significant regional value-added distributor focusing primarily on the cybersecurity and infrastructure industries, and the two companies share a number of critical vendor connections.

Its partner network offers them access to 38 national markets throughout the continent, with operations in South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius. Exclusive Networks’ position in the region would be bolstered by the deal, which would increase the company’s worldwide reach and provide new options for both companies’ vendors and customers.

“Our global strategy continues to seek like-minded national and regional specialists like Networks Unlimited who possess strong leadership, deep expertise, and a proven track record of growth that chimes with our vision,” said Exclusive Networks CEO, Jesper Trolle.

“The synergies in services offerings and vendor portfolios are both clear and compelling. We are also excited by the possibilities of serving more of the African market, building on our existing operations that border the Networks Unlimited footprint.”

Fortinet and F5 Networks are the primary vendors for Networks Unlimited, and both companies have strong vendor connections with Exclusive Networks internationally. Rubrik, Mellanox, SentinelOne, and Tintri are just a few of the other firms with whom the two companies have partnered.

Aside from suppliers and technology, the two firms share a forward-thinking approach to high-value services and a strong commitment to certified personnel. Networks Unlimited is mostly owned by the individuals who run the company and work there, giving it an innovative and entrepreneurial ethos similar to that of Exclusive Networks.

“We believe this is an exciting development with the potential to build on our 27-year history as a fixture of the African IT landscape by beginning a new chapter as part of a global relationship,” said Anton Jacobsz, CEO of Networks Unlimited Africa.

“Exclusive Networks would be, in our view, a great fit for our customers and partners, and provide many new opportunities for our fantastic and committed team. We have highly skilled engineering resources throughout the region to assist with global implementations, while our partner ecosystem would benefit commercially from the global scale opportunities afforded by us being part of the worldwide Exclusive Networks organization.”, Eyes Sub-Saharan Africa Expansion


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