DFS Labs Blockchain Bootcamp 2022

DFS Labs is an early-stage investor assisting founders in the development of Africa’s digital commerce future.

Our Blockchain Bootcamp, in conjunction with the Stellar Development Foundation, is now accepting applications.

Apply by March 18, 2022

About The Bootcamp

Our second Blockchain Bootcamp aims to provide early-stage and mid-stage African companies with the opportunity to build on Stellar, an open-source blockchain network for financial services and goods.

The Bootcamp will culminate in a demo day, during which organizations with the most interesting Stellar-based solutions will be granted awards ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 in Stellar’s native currency, XLM.

There will be options for extra grant financing, as well as possible investment from SDF’s Matching Fund and other investors in attendance at the demo day.

Eligible Companies

Fintech, blockchain-native, and crypto-curious companies operating in Africa who want to improve their current services or integrate digital asset solutions into their business models for the first time are all encouraged to apply.

Apply Here

Use cases

Viable use cases that could be explored are:

  1. Cross-border or multi-currency payments
    • Business payments for high-cost corridors
    • Reimagining remittances and reducing friction

2. Access to financial services

    • Safeguarding value
    • Multi-currency savings and yield-earning accounts
    • Tokenized assets
    • Investing in securities

3. Other use cases

    • Financial inclusion in emerging markets
    • Banking
    • Payment processing
    • Lending
    • Payroll
    • Treasury management
    • NFTs

Asset management, compliance, defi, gaming, charity donations, trade finance, liquidity, and other areas could all benefit from new models.

The Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a three-day virtual design sprint that allows participants to answer crucial business challenges with hands-on technical assistance and mentoring from DFS Lab and SDF members.

Companies that participate in the sprint will define an issue, design a storyboard for a solution, and build a quick prototype of their innovation.

We’ll be working from East Africa Time for the design sprint, which will be conducted electronically.

For more information, visit the official page of the DFS Labs Blockchain Bootcamp 2022


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Hassan Barakat
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