Blockchain Research Institute Expands Work, Partners Standard Bank

Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is a global blockchain think tank that has expanded its work in Africa thanks to a partnership with Standard Bank, one of the continent’s largest banks.

The partnership has launched the Blockchain Research Initiative (BRI) Africa, which brings together academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to conduct ground-breaking research on blockchain technology, bridging the gap between blockchain’s technological functionality and real-world market demand.

As a result, the organization is working on more than 100 projects to explore strategic possibilities, difficulties, and consequences of blockchain technology in industry, government, and society.

Part of the think tank’s role will be to provide a variety of educational deliverables in the form of webinars, publications, and conferences as part of its efforts to disseminate the knowledge gained across the country.

The BRI will also offer an online course in conjunction with INSEAD, Europe’s top-ranked business school, and Coursera, the world’s largest online learning platform.

While most financial institutions have been ordered not to support cryptocurrency transactions, big banks across Africa are aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies – and it’s no surprise that Africa’s largest bank by assets is eager to harness the potential of crypto in Africa.

According to Ian Putter, the bank’s Head of Blockchain, the blockchain is being considered to improve speed and transparency.

Through the Africa Blockchain Incubation Program, the think tank is also nurturing business ideas centered on blockchain technologies. According to BRI Africa, the initiative, which is now open to new founders in Egypt and Zimbabwe, provides tools to help them develop and scale their businesses.


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