Bitrefill, a Global Payments Crypto Company Launches in South Africa

Bitrefill, a global payments crypto company has launched in South Africa.

Since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009, the digital currency has made enormous strides in the digital economy, receiving stamps of approval and adoption worldwide and across Africa.

Despite the surge and the unique benefits that bitcoin provides, there is still a great deal of work to be done in the area of using cryptocurrencies for physical and online purchases. Given this, Bitrefill, a global payments crypto company, has launched in South Africa to provide a long-term solution. 

Bitrefill says that it drives towards proffering solutions that allow holders to utilize their cryptocurrency for making purchases. This is quite different from other crypto solutions in South Africa and Africa at large that guide people on buying, trading, and investing in crypto.

 The Bitrefill team said in an official announcement, “South Africa has consistently been near or at the top of the list for countries in which the word ‘Bitcoin’ is googled. Now, at last, Bitrefill is completing the local cycle, making it easier to live on Bitcoin.”

To think about it, making purchases in a store and paying with a cryptocurrency directly is a lot of conveniences. 

According to Bitrefill, “Bitrefill’s ‘cryptonaut’ has now landed on the tip of Africa, bringing an exciting new range of products for local users to try out.”

With Bitrefill, South Africans can now pay for goods and services, buy gift cards (vouchers) with cryptocurrency in renowned stores including, to name a few:

Here are the features Bitrefill is offering users:

  • Bitrefill supports the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and USDT to make a direct in-store purchase. 
  • The Bitrefill App lets users purchase vouchers the same way using a credit card enables one to.
  • Users can put funds into Bitrefill’s internal wallet to make quick payments by avoiding on-chain transactions, which incur on-chain delays. 
  • Unlike the traditional gift card, Bitrefill’s gift cards enable users to pay exact amounts down to the cent.
  • Non-crypto users can utilize Bitrefill to buy gift cards using a credit card, thus allowing them to buy what they want with fiat currency. 
  • Bitrefill allows travelers to spend internationally off a single platform, hence creating the avenue for many around the world to finally ‘live on crypto.’


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Sopuruchukwu Elizabeth Mba
Sopuruchukwu Elizabeth Mba
Mba Sopuruchukwu Elizabeth is a graduate of Biochemistry/Microbiology. She loves writing, reading, and listening to good music. She is passionate about public health and the role of technology in health promotion and communication.

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