Bantu Blockchain Community Hangouts Storms the City of Port Harcourt

Africa’s maiden and largest blockchain infrastructure, Bantu, held its biggest and special community hangout in Port Harcourt, Nigeria at PRUndergraound, on the 29th of November, 2021. It was a successful outing.

Bantu continued its series of special community hangouts, the last one for the year 2021 in the beautiful and vivacious city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The event took place weeks after the previous Bantu hangout that was held in Abuja which attracted over 200 people from all over the country, especially established and notable blockchain technology startups.

The event featured Bantu’s major partner, Sterling bank who sponsored its feature educational game (SABI), just like they did in Abuja, with a two hundred thousand naira cash prize for the ultimate winner, there were also consolation prizes for other participants.

The SABI game came again but this time, had over 30 contestants vying for the grand prize. SABI game is a way of teaching the players and audience about the Bantu blockchain and its ecosystem and has been a hit since its debut a fortnight ago.

Bantu showcases its signature wallet is known as BantuPay, Mitambo (a game of chance built on Bantu blockchain, and Timbuktu Exchange, the world’s first non-custodial peer-to-peer decentralized digital assets exchange. It also showed the audience other validation features of the BantuPay wallet and its mode of operation.

After all funs and games, there was a period of serious conversation with Ernest Mbenekum and Victor Akoma-Phillips, the founders of Bantu about the questions raised by the audience about Bantu’s tokenomics, its long term plan, where Bantu’s Native Utility token (XBN) can be acquired. Bantu’s relationship with other blockchain networks and their potential partnerships with Reserve Banks in Africa to create Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).

Mbenekum gave hints about other major blockchain projects that will be wrapping their tokens on the Bantu blockchain very soon. The full AMA video clip can be found on the Bantu Blockchain YouTube channel.

Towards the end of the event, Ernest Mbenukum announced a special XBN giveaway at a value of US$1000. To win this special giveaway, active participants at the Bantu hangout were called on stage to play Mitambo (Kinshasa Arena). There were a few groups of five players in each and winners from each group went ahead to play a final round of Mitambo. The overall winner was immediately credited with over 66,000 XBN tokens.

As usual with Bantu hangout, the event ended with a “Scan to claim’ airdrop moment where all attendees who had initially validated their attendance with BantuPay can claim 250 XBN tokens each. This was done courtesy of the Bantu Blockchain Foundation.

The event was filled with lots of interesting things such as networking, strategic meetings with the newly converted Bantu enthusiasts. The Bantu train keeps moving forward, and the next stop for Community hangout will be announced when due.


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