ATRI and GAU Token Holders Meet New Dawn

ATRI and GAU token holders meet new dawn as they will now engage in new innovative entertainment initiatives. This is as a result of ICICB group, Atari token, and Atari coming together with a competitive gaming platform, Gamer Arena.

These companies are forming a strategic alliance to launch innovative gaming projects, joint activities, and promotions. Moreover, ATRI and GAU token holders will also witness joint tournaments and lots of other surprise activations.

This partnership will ease regional collaborations covering Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa. Meanwhile, Atari token (ATRI) and Gamer Arena Utility token (GAU) are already in use in the new entertainment industry projects.

About the partnering companies


Atari comprises Atari SA and its subsidiaries. Most important, it is a global interactive entertainment and a multiplatform licensing group.

Atari is the innovator of the video game that was founded in 1972 and it owns and manages a profile of over 200 games and franchises. This includes brands that are globally known such as  Missile Command®, Asteroids®, Pong®, and Centipede®.

From this awesome profile of intellectual properties, Atari delivers great online games for tablets, smartphones, and all connected devices.

Atari also builds and distributes interactive entertainment for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo game consoles. It leverages its brand and franchises with licensing agreements. The agreement is through other media, derivative products as well as publishing.


ICICB group is a financial services and investment management company in UAE operating in over 26 countries across the globe. The group develops and delivers new products and services to meet the expectations of stakeholders, partners, and customers.

The Group is building the world’s fastest blockchain platform and metaverse that will be a cryptocurrency and virtual marketplace based.

It aims at transforming the tech industry into a decentralized, virtual reality platform rethinking the whole user experience. This is done by using augmented reality and blockchain technology.

ICICB is known for its licensing agreement with Atari that brought about the development of Atari hotels in Georgia, Dubai, and Gibraltar.

Game Arena

Game Arena is an online competitive gaming platform i.e play to earn where gamers can match and compete with opponents and teams of the same skill level. This is across various skill-based gaming titles on all devices like PC, Console, and mobile.

The platform owns the launched Cryptocurrency GAU token available on Icrypex. The Gamer Arena platform allows the use of this token for playing on games and shopping for various items within its platform. Above all, you can also transfer out the token for other in-game currencies.

Gamer Arena has been in existence since January 2020 and currently has over 300,000 gamers competing on the platform.




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