The Principal Developer – Masterclass for Developers

The Principal Developer by DevTernity a  2-day Masterclass for Software Developers is open for registration.


It is not enough to be just a software developer alone, you have to combine it with being a development team lead. 

As a team leader, you will serve as a motivation and be in charge of individuals alongside their performance.

This 2-day masterclass is crafted to give and deliver what it takes to be an exceptional tech leader, developing yourself and maintaining a balance between technical duties and leadership. 

What to Expect at the Masterclass for Developers

Develop yourself as a technical lead :

  • Effective delegation of task
  • Earning trust and respect
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Balancing your technical and non-technical skills
  • Estimate your progress as a leader
  • Regain coding time
  • Improve on your team’s health
  • Influence teammates without resorting to giving orders
  • Motivating with DRIVE

Build great teams:

  • Assist your teammates to reach career height
  • Understanding the rudiments of mentorship
  • Revamp your mentor toolbox with the necessary tools
  • Grow a fast performing independent team
  • Encourage effective learning culture amidst teammates
  • Promote an effective problem-solving attitude
  • Coach teammates to avoid neverending questions
  • Learn how to use pair programming efficiently

Improve development process:

  • Learn planning and on-time work delivery
  • Grasp how Scrum, Lean, and Kanban fits together
  • Deliver more value through continuous delivery 
  • Learn to measure I.T and performance of your team
  • Aquire how to prioritize and properly split duties
  • Grasp the power of Little’s Law
  • Get rid of bottlenecks from the development stage
  • Make technical debt minimal with XP and software craftmanship
  • Deliver value and not software features alone

Accelerate your Hire:

  • Know how to quickly filter non-competent candidates 
  • Attract, retain and build the best engineers
  • Design an effective interview process
  • Learn to assess technical capabilities and cultural fits
  • Become an interviewer who wins the heart of candidates
  • Know why devs are not queuing to work for you
  • Make a company culture that interests developers
  • Make candidates feel at their best during and after the interview
  • Increase your hiring efficiency 5x

Details of the Event

Date and time: Thu, May 5, 2022, 9:00 AM – Fri, May 6, 2022, 6:00 PM EEST

Location: South Africa, Cape Town South Africa.

Registration: The ticket cost €999

Follow this link to register


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Abidemi Ogunyemi-Aderibigbe
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